Smart Donors Make a Difference

Smart Donors...Make a Difference

Table of Contents

  • Module One - Your Giving Roadmap

    Welcome to Smart Donors… Make a Difference, the short course that will empower you to make more thoughtful and effective decisions about your charitable giving – and feel more satisfaction about the difference you are making.

    • Module Two - WHAT INTERESTS YOU?

      The single most important decision you can make to ensure your gift makes a difference is choosing the right cause and, especially, the right issue area within that cause.

      • Module Three - WHY IS IT HAPPENING?

        This module offers simple tools for donors to better understand the issue they have selected before deciding which solution to support.

        • Module Four - HOW TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN

          This module will show you different the different approaches you can use to help make change happen through the organizations or initiatives you support.

          • Module Five - WHO IS DOING THIS?

            In this overview of the American non-profit sector, you will get a sense of the main players and key trends in charitable giving today.

            • Module Six - What is Impact?

              “Impact” is one of the most misused (and misunderstood) terms in charitable giving. This module is a primer on the basic concepts smart donors should grasp to understand if they are making a difference.

              • Module Seven - Who is Making the Most Difference?

                By this point, you will have chosen a cause and issue area within it, performed enough basic research about the issue to know which approaches and solutions you wish to support, and created a short list of organizations that fulfill these criteria. In this module, you’ll learn how to determine which of these is making the most difference so you can make a well-informed final selection.

                • Conclusion - How to Engage?

                  This final session will help you complete your roadmap and will also highlight ways – beyond a donations – you can make a difference.